What is Strava Anyway?

What is Strava Anyway?

I’ve been using Strava as a premium member for a while now. I don’t utilize all of what the online program/app offers, but I do know that it offers quite a lot including:

Beacon — If you have the premium edition of Strava, you will be able to turn on a beacon. If you go for a run or ride alone (or with a group), you can enable three of your closest friends to track you. So if you’re not home when you’re supposed to be, the beacon will enable your friends and family to find out where you are. It’s a nice feature and especially helpful for us women who like to go out alone!

Integration — Have a heart monitor or a power meter? It’s really nice the way Strava integrates with them!

Be your own coach — What’s nice about Strava is, you can continuously push yourself by being your own coach. Strava will provide you with the data for each run or ride and make recommendations for future goals.

See Leaderboards – See who is doing what and how much they are doing! You can then, figure out where you need to be.

Get Real Time Comparisons – Strava will show you were you are at with real time comparisons.

Race evaluations — Strava will look at your splits and evaluate how you did compared to other runs or rides you have done in the past.

They even have contests and competitions. NYRR recently joined with STRAVA to create virtual races. Run all races and get a guaranteed paid spot in the Brooklyn Half!

Track and analyze each activity – I love the way it works with most smart watches and fitness trackers.

Measure your performance

Connect with friends and let them see your activity – This feature is challenging for me because I feel like there is more pressure to do better knowing that other people are watching. That’s what makes it a great feature because when you practice alone, there’s no one to push you to go harder…

Social network – You can write comments and give “kudos” to your friends and family to encourage them after the workout.

Join a club – If you’re a member (which you are welcome to join by going to – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wertriathletes-membership-tickets-31189753392), you can join the WeRTriathletes team page and be eligible for a race entry!

I’m enjoying Strava and since I joined, I have noticed improvements on every activity that I do. Thanks Strava!