Protalus Insole Review

Protalus insoles

After seeing multiple ads on Instagram and Facebook, I reached out to Protalus to see if I could test out one of their insoles. I have issues with Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, among other issues, and wanted to see how they tested compared to some of the other brands that I have tried out in the past.

Now, mind you, in the past, I have had my feet scanned and have had custom-made insoles.

I found the Protalus Insoles to be particularly comfortable. Usually, you have to break in the insoles, and you do with the Protalus. However, when I slipped them in my shoes and tried them out, they were comfortable from the get-go.

The company sent me three pairs to try out — the T100, the M100, and the M75.

The Protalus Insoles

Let’s start with the M75. This insole is a half insole, it only covers the heel and arch. I slipped these in my designer construction boots and wow, what a difference. The instructions said you should break them in. I wore them during my 2-hour class at Hofstra and didn’t have an issue at all!

As a matter of fact, I found them to be quite comfortable and I was able to stand for the 2 hours without my back or knees bothering me.

The T100 is thinner than the M100 and is used for lighter activities, such as hiking, soccer, walking around, even jogging. The thing about the Protalus is that they help you have proper alignment and that’s why it’s important to break them in properly by wearing them an hour or so at a time.

The M100 is the creme de la crop, this insole has the thickest cushioning and can be used for running and any other high-impact sport. You can even use it for walking if you want.

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The differences

The thing that makes Protalus different is the patented heel cup. It was made from years of research and iterations, plus it helps improve the alignment of the kinetic chain, beginning with the ankle.

Specifically, by wearing these insoles, you will reduce wear and tear on your joints; delays fatigue; and improve foot posture.

My experience

I found that I had to cut the toe to fit into my sneakers. This isn’t a big deal and it’s meant to be cut. Once I got a perfect size, I slipped them into my sneakers and they felt great. Unfortunately, due to my injury, I wasn’t able to try them out long enough to notice if my Plantars Fasciitis and my Achilles Tendonitis went away. But I can tell you that they were super comfortable and very similar to the custom insoles that I previously purchased.

You can pick them up for $59 each at