Should You Wear Custom Insoles?

I never wore custom insoles until I ran the NYC Marathon in 2016. Since then, I’ve been hooked. The thing about just wearing the inserts in a pair of sneakers is that they aren’t specific for your foot. I would rather have something custom to wear that molds my foot, than a mass-manufactured insert.

At The Running Event in Austin, I met Custom Feet, a relatively new company that makes custom insoles. The took me through the process.

Foot Scan

First, I had my feet scanned. I stood on a scale that was hooked up to a computer that scanned my feet. It looked at the position of my feet. I was also asked a series of questions, like: do you have knee pain when you run? or, do you have Achilles pain?

After that, the computer calculated my measurements and told the tech what mold would be right for me.

Making the Mold

The tech guy had me stand on a very soft foamy cushion. After heating up the insoles for several moments, he put the insoles on the cushion. He asked me to stand on it. I found it a little difficult without having something to hold on to but I did what he instructed.

After standing on the inserts for a few minutes, he put them on top of the counter to dry.

Within moments, the inserts were ready. I took out my older inserts and replaced them with Custom Feet.

Taking them to the test

The Custom Feet inserts were so comfortable. I’m not sure if it was because they were new, but whatever the case, I ended up walking 9 miles a day for two days straight after receiving and my feet felt great!

One last thought

The thing I don’t understand is why don’t all running stores carry this type of device? It’s so important and yet, no one seems to carry it. It stinks that you have to travel two hours outside of the city to find custom inserts!