Resilience Orange Rise CBD Oil for Recovery Review

CBD has become all the rage. Everything from anxiety to sleepless nights has piqued the interest of many people. CBD products can be found online and are safe and legal. Recently, a sample of Resilience Orange Rise CBD Oil was sent to me for review. The oil is specifically for athletes who work hard and need quick recovery.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over 100 cannabinoids (a group of compounds) extracted from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. Known for its powerful, all-natural, therapeutic effects, CBD oil promotes both wellness and recovery.

I was curious. I had heard so much about the positive effects of CBD on recovery and reduction of inflammation, that I wanted to try it out. 

According to the website, “The Isolate oil contains four ingredients that work to reduce inflammation and drive focus, while increasing mental and physical stamina for longer, more productive workouts.”

Orange Rise includes: isolate hemp CBD, MCT oil (coconut oil), Natural citrus flavor, plant-based sweetener and no added sugars, gluten or GMOs.

I tried the oil for recovery after a workout.

You shake up the bottle then through a dropper, you put the oil under your tongue for sixty seconds. It tastes like orange, but does have a real earthy taste too. 

I found it relaxing and it did help with inflammation which made it more comfortable for me to sleep. I didn’t try it before a workout, although I may in the future. 

The thing about CBD is that it’s relaxing and it doesn’t cause a “high” because there is no THC. 

I didn’t mind the taste. I found it made me relaxed and it certainly helped me with inflammation. Let me know what you think! You can purchase it online at

(And, for friends and family, I got a discount code of 20% off your entire order until March 2019. Use code: ATD20 at check out.)