Rudy Project Boost 01 TT Helmet Review

Rudy Project Boost 01 TT Helmet Review

Most beginner triathletes go to their local bike store and pick up a helmet that fits. Some may look at the design and colors of the helmet before making a decision and others just pick up something neutral that seems to work. Most bike shops will sway the person into buying something that they have in stock.

That’s what happened with me. I didn’t know any better and purchased a white helmet that was highly breathable. I didn’t ask whether it was aerodynamic or not. All I wanted was a basic, cheap helmet that did the job.

Little did I know that choosing a bike helmet is probably as important as choosing your first time trial bike. You want something that is aerodynamic and helps shave some time off of your time. Because in triathlons, every minute counts, whether you are the first one in through T2 or the last, this could make or break your triathlon.

Rudy Project is a brand I had heard of for years. They make exceptional eyewear for running and cycling and several years ago, when I first started running, I bought myself a pair at my local Cohen’s Fashion Optical. I didn’t know that Rudy Project made helmets until I started training for triathlons.

Rudy Project makes superior helmets for cycling or triathlon. Their main priority is safety. And if you read reviews of any of their helmets, you will notice a trend where people are saying that the Rudy Project saved their lives during a cycling crash. (If other people are saying that, then a Rudy Project helmet is for me!)

The Boost 01 has a dial retention system so when you put it on your head, it fits snuggly in place. The helmet is extremely light (under 10 oz) and comfortable. I got mine in pink but the Boost 01 comes in many different colors including white and black.

When you take the helmet out of the box, you will notice that the helmet has a matte finish on it, as opposed to some of the shiny other ones on the market. You will also notice that there are side vents that aid in air flow, 10 vents to be exact. According to Rudy Project, “the air vents have been designed to permit maximum dispersion of heat, ensuring your performance does not drop as a result of the heat, and effective evaporation of sweat.”

The Boost 01 has a Fastex™ system, which is the strap to keep the helmet on. This system has a quick snap-lock buckle, ergonomically shaped to make sure the fit and stability are just right.

The helmet was crafted in Pininfarina wind tunnel with the assistance of John Cobb, one of the earliest triathletes and a guru in aerodynamic technology. The team made the helmet with a Universal Dorsal Ridge, which coverts sideways force into forward force, helping you shave time no matter if you’re going uphill, downhill or just riding into the wind!

I took it for a test drive during a very windy day in April. I felt that the helmet was light, had great circulation of air and was extremely aerodynamic, making it just a tad easier to cut through that wicked wind. Interestingly, when I posted this helmet on Instagram, someone immediately replied to me saying it was a “badass fast helmet,” and I could tell she was right.

The bottom line is this helmet looks great, fits great, protects your head and helps increase your aerodynamics on the ride. So why not join me and pick up a Boost 01 too? They retail for $399.99 but if you join WeRTriathletes Virtual Team, you can pick it up for 50% off. Otherwise, you can get it here for 30% off.