Runner’s Edge on Long Island

Runner's Edge wins award

At The Running Event in Austin, Texas on December 1, there was a celebration of running stores across the country. Excitedly, Runner’s Edge New York was on the list as the top-running store in the country. Runner’s Edge is located on Long Island in Huntington and Farmingdale.

How were they selected?

Stores were nominated by either customers, staff, or anyone else.  Then, each went through a rigorous evaluation process, including a secret shopper who evaluated the store on the following criteria:

  • The pre-visit – The secret shopper would call the store and evaluate the customer service.
  • In-store experience – the secret shopper reviewed the engagement, fitting process, and checkout experience within each store.
  • Overall Experience and Feedback – The secret shopper gave their overall experience and feedback and also looked at the extras like how the stores are giving back to the community.
Runner's Edge NY Staff

“The 2022 Best Running Stores exemplify what makes our industry so special: commitment, community, and passion. Our awards program offers the opportunity to formally recognize and celebrate the best-run specialty stores in America. Winners should be extremely proud of this honor—each one is a driving force in strengthening the communities they serve and growing the run specialty industry.” Christina Henderson, Event Director at The Running Event.

Background about Runner’s Edge NY

Bob Cooke started Runner’s Edge 38 years ago out of a passion for running and triathlon. Before opening his first store, he worked for Super Running Shop for a few years. Then, he was a rep for a technical apparel company. After several years of running a successful store in Farmingdale, he took over the Super Runner’s Shop in Huntington and moved in. He currently owns two running stores on Long Island, making him the biggest running retailer on Long Island.

Runner's Edge gets award

How have things changed?

Today, Bob has approximately 15 staff members on his team. “They come and they go through the years,” he told me, “but I keep up with most of them and they are successful today.”

When asked how things changed through the years, he said, “sneakers have really changed.”

“I remember selling my first pair of Nike Tailwind sneakers for $50. They were so expensive I didn’t think they would sell, and they sold out quickly! Today, we have sneakers for $250 on our wall.”

But, he told me he believes in selling sneakers based on pace. “I wouldn’t feel right selling a 7 min/miler shoe to someone who runs 10 min/miles+.”

He told me he remembers both the minimalist movement and the ultra cushion movement. “Sneakers keep changing,” he said.

How did he feel about winning one of the Best Running Stores in the Country Awards?

“It made me feel great especially to win among my peers!” said Bob Cooke.

How should it make us feel?

Our Long Island running community is proud of Runner’s Edge NY for getting such a prestigious award. If you haven’t been to the shop, you should check it out for yourself or go online to