Running Alongside the Wineries

In late August, my family and I went to Napa. We took a detour before dropping off my son back at UC Berkeley. 

On the second day of our visit, I decided to run a short three-mile run. In Napa, they have a bike trail that runs along the railroad, so it’s relatively flat. The mornings there are cool, around 50 degrees and then as the day gets underway, it goes into the 90’s.

I wasn’t sure if I should go north or south on the trail, but the woman at the front desk at the hotel told me it didn’t matter, so I went north. At first, I saw very few people on the trail but as it got later, I noticed cyclists and runners on the path. Everyone greeted me with the “runner/cyclist” wave. (It’s sort of like the Queen wave.)

Within the first mile, I saw a vineyard. It was beautiful. The grapes were big and the bushes were lush. (Note to self, I must stop and take a photo!)

Between the coolness of the air, the friendliness of the people and the decent pace on the run, I finished strong and was a happy camper! 

Tell me of a time or place where you felt happy after a run. Comment below to win a free trail book!