Chicago is a beautiful city.  And the day I went out to run was a magnificent sunny day.  There was not a cloud in the sky.  The sun beat on the lake and created an amazing picture.

I was told that if I went two blocks on Monroe that I would end up on Lake Shore Drive, which is right by the Marina and is a trail that leads along the water.  I was a little weary.  I’m directionally challenged.  (Don’t laugh. I am.  I get lost in my neighborhood!)  So I was a little unsure about this adventure but I wanted to get out and run for at least three miles.

I walked at first and then jogged when I got to Lake Shore Drive.  I couldn’t believe how many runners were there.  I thought New York had a lot of runners!

There were bridges and tunnels where I noticed many of the runners. I ran through a tunnel. If it were New York, I would have been a little nervous but I didn’t feel nervous at all.  There were so many other runners around me.

The funny thing I noticed is when I run on Long Island, everyone gives me the runner’s wave when they pass me on the other side.  Here, in Chicago, no one waved.  Everyone was into their moment. And you know what?  So was I!


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