Running in Southwest Forida – #FindYourIsland #FtMyerSanibel

sea shells on the beach

This blog was originally written in September 2013. It was after I had gotten my first pair of Google Glass and a group of us were sent to the Ft. Myers and Sanibel community to help increase tourism in the area. Our mission was to film and photograph everything and anything through Google Glass. While there, I met four other incredible people who I am still in touch with today. They live around the country but that weekend was very special so we stayed in touch.


I recently went on a Google Glass adventure to Fort Myers/Sanibel (#findyourisland, #Ftmyersanibel).  The day after we landed, I woke up at 6 am and realized that it was too dark to run. I got dressed wearing my new Zensah compression socks, along with my Nike attire and New Balance running shoes. I waited until the sun rose at 7 am. Then, I walked  to the front desk to ask for running trail suggestions.

Running in Sanibel

“There are no running trails but there is a bike path alongside the road,” the man behind the desk told me. “You can run there.”

“But that’s actually the road,” I said.

“Yeah, don’t worry,” the man told me, “just run against traffic.”

At first, I was a little skeptical, but when I started running past magnificent houses on one side and an incredible beach on the other, I felt like I was in heaven.  I didn’t care that cars were passing me.  There weren’t many, but it didn’t bother me. It was so peaceful.

On the run

As I ran past the beach, the road became tree-lined and I saw even more incredible homes.  I kept running.  I was in search of nothing.  I felt completely zen, totally in tune with myself and my body.  What an incredible run.

After a weekend of meeting amazing social media folks and learning a lot about the #FtMyerSanibel area, I felt as if I found my island.