Salming Athletic Apparel Review

Salming running top

Salming Athletic Apparel Review

I am so impressed. You don’t hear me saying this all the time and I have to say that I am truly impressed with the athletic apparel from Salming North America.

I recently ordered two running singlets, a rain jacket for the summer, a long sleeve heavy weight top and a sports bra. Since I am so impressed with the quality of the fabrics and the way each is made, I’ll describe each individually.

Racerback Top:

I love the racer back and when I saw these online I thought they looked pretty cool, so why not order them? When I took them out of the packet, the fabric was much nicer than I expected. It’s made from dry fit type material and is soft and silky to the touch. The fit is great too. It’s extremely comfortable and when I was running on the treadmill, I was impressed at how cool, I actually felt, although I was dripping from sweat. Price: $38

Trophy Sports Bra:

I really liked the pattern on this sports bra. I keep buying sports bras and none of them fit well. This one ran a little big. I ordered a large but should have ordered a medium. I felt that the width around my body was a little big and could have been tighter. Other than that, I loved the feel. It was comfortable and had extra support in the back.  Price: $55

LS Running Tee:

The fabric is exceptional on this Long Sleeve Running Top. It’s made of 100% polyester mesh and has Coolfeel and wicking treatment to help keep you at an ideal temperature during the run. This is a great product as a base layer and I plan on using it a lot this winter into spring season! Price $50.

Salming Running Jacket

I wanted to buy a light weight rain jacket that I can bring with me whenever I go away (especially to a warm climate). This jacket is absolutely perfect. It’s breathable and sheds the rain off you while you run. I love the color too! It comes in other colors as well. (White was my second choice.) Price: $100