La Croix Sparkling Water Review

La Croix Sparkling Water Review

I don’t drink enough water. I know that because I always feel very dry and I tend to cramp when I exercise. Anything that will get me to drink more is a good thing.

I recently tried La Croix Sparkling Water. I actually like the taste of sparkling water. I like it better than just tap water and I find that I tend to drink more of it than tap. La Croix comes in a variety of flavors, 20 to be exact! I purchased a six pack of the cran-raspberry drinks. (I was given a coupon for a free beverage but when I went to use it, Rite Aid wouldn’t let me because it was for 8 to 12 and I bought a six pack.)

Full disclaimer, they also gave me this cool hat and sweatshirt. (I haven’t taken off the sweatshirt since I got it!  It’s so soft and cuddly!)

What I found interesting about this drink, was it tastes like sparkling water or seltzer. There is a hint of flavor when you go to smell the product and even taste the product but it really just tastes like sparkling water. To be honest, I was a little nervous that it would have a strong taste, but it doesn’t. It’s very light and airy. To me, I really enjoyed it. I actually went through two 12 fl oz cans in one sitting, which is rare for me!

I also was a little concerned about the cans. They are aluminum and I was worried that the flavor of the aluminum would come out in the taste, but it was unwarranted. It tasted great.

If you like the taste of sparkling water and are looking for something that isn’t sweet and has a natural flavor with a hint of fruit, La Croix is for you. It has 0 calories and is made from carbonated water and natural flavors. There is no artificial sweeteners and no sodium, which is great for us triathletes!

You can get them in a variety of stores. On Long Island, they are at Rite Aid and the Vitamin Shop. Go online to find a location near you. Happy drinking!