So I Did an Inside Tracker…

nurse from Inside Tracker

So I did an Inside Tracker….

My friend, Pam Kallio of, mentioned to me that she had tried this “Inside Tracker,” and as a result, she saw great improvements with her triathlon training. I was intrigued. (Anything to help me get better, I’m interested in!)

After that, I attended a webinar that Inside Tracker was giving. It was interesting to learn that certain foods can impact your training and racing. I signed up. I didn’t even think twice. I paid extra for a nurse to come to my home and draw blood. I didn’t want to be “schlepping” all around looking for a lab to do the work!

Monica, the nurse from frnd, came to my house and was quite lovely. She arrived promptly at 7:30 am and set up.

Blood work for inside tracker

She drew my blood and explained to me that Inside Tracker will look for things that I may be deficient in or may need to take more of, like potassium, for example. “They really are great,” she said. “You will get a whole report on what you need to do to get stronger.” She told me that I should get the results by next week. I was excited. I wanted to find out if there was anything that could be blocking me from getting better.

blood work

After the weekend, I received an email telling me the results were in and to click on the link. Interestingly, here’s what it showed:



resultsI was asked what is important to me, on the screen shot above. That’s when Inside Tracker could narrow in on helping me by taking those vitamins and minerals that I am lacking and put into a comprehensive plan, which included supplements and eating the right foods.

What was really nice about this whole process, they provide you will a full report on your blood work and a report on what you should or shouldn’t do differently. I even found that my inner age was 10 years younger than my outer age (but later found that they want me to be even younger than that! So, that’s something else I need to work on.)

I had a consultation with Mariah from Inside Tracker that evening. She told me that it’s important to stay focused and not get too caught up in all the changes that you have to make. Instead, she said that I should focus on one or two things. “I think you should start taking Vitamin D first and then address the other issues,” Mariah told me.

She said that the way the plan works is, you get tested, you work on what needs to be corrected and then get retested again. “This will certainly help improve your triathlon season,” she told me.

I guess we’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep you posted through the end of the season… 🙂