Seattle Gummy Company Review and Discount Code

Seattle Gummy Company

Love gummies? I do and that is why I’m talking today about the Seattle Gummy Company. The company approached me on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in sampling some of their products. I agreed. They sent me one box and I purchased another, both variety packs.

Seattle Gummy has three different buckets – one for wellness, one for sleep, and one for working out.  I chose one for sleep and working out.

About Seattle Gummy Company:

Seattle Gummy Company makes gummy products. One stand-out product is their Mocca Shots and the company’s 200mg Caffeine Energy Gummies have been recognized as a reliable source of sustained energy.

In addition to their energy products, Seattle Gummy Company also offers health-focused gummies like their Sugar-Free Sleep Vegan Gummies. These are vegan, sugar-free, all-natural, GMO-free, and made in the USA.

Recovery gummy from Seattle Gummy Company

Here is a list of their products:

Wellness Gummies

Immunity shots – this is to help boost your immunity.

Slumber Shots – this is to help you fall asleep and stay asleep

ACV shots – this is apple cider vinegar shots to help your digestive system

Sports Performance Gummies

Power Up Pre-workout Gummies

Have one pouch of workout gummies 5 to 10 minutes before your workout. This chewable pre-workout contains caffeine. Use caution if you know you’re sensitive to caffeine. You may want to consult a healthcare professional before using.

Hydrafuel Hydration Gummies

These gummies absorb rapidly and start working faster than drinks, pills, or powders. Take Hydrafuel electrolyte + fuel gummies during exercise to keep your body hydrated and performing its best. Hydrafuel’s unique combination of optimized electrolytes + fuel helps your body hydrate more effectively, which increases energy and fends off dehydration.

Performance Gummies Recovery Orange and Apple for post workouts

This includes BCCA, Ginger Extract, and High Glycemic Sugars to replace glycogen.


BCCA helps reduce muscle soreness and speeds recovery.

Ginger Extract

Ginger is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant powerhouse herb. Its ability to decrease inflammation and reduce oxidative damage from working out aids your post-workout recovery.

By using pectin, a plant ingredient, all of our gummies are plant-based.

High Glycemic Sugars to Replace Glycogen

Why do we use sugar in our post-workout? (Isn’t sugar bad for you?!) These high-glycemic sugars are absorbed by your body after working out. You have a 40-minute window after a workout to replenish your muscles’ glycogen stores, which gives you a faster, better recovery so you can get back to working out without injury!

Taking them for a Test Drive

I decided to put the Seattle Gummy Company’s products to the test. I started off with their 200mg Caffeine Energy Gummies, which claim to provide sustained energy without any crashes or jitters. The gummies come in two flavors – Wild Berry and Assorted Fruit. Both tasted great.

I found that when I took the gummies before, during, and after the workout, I got a small boost during the workout and the gummies helped me recover faster.

As for the sleep gummies, I have been taking them every night and they help me get a relaxing, good night’s sleep. This enables me to recover faster and helps me get going again for the next day’s training regimen.

My complaint is that they are bigger than the average-sized gummy. They are almost twice the size and for someone like me that has a small mouth, it initially overtakes my mouth until it dissolves.

Other than that, I plan on buying more of them as I continue to train for my half-Ironman event in September.

Discount Codes Available

For 20% off the retail price, use code Hilary at checkout or use the URL: