Seeking the Angels Help?

angel cards

Just as Reiki, Yoga, and meditation are beneficial to your performance as an endurance athlete, the angels can also help you with guidance.

Now, that may sound a bit weird and out of character for this blog, but I’ll tell you, I was taken aback.

Getting a reading

My running friend, Jodi Kahn, came over the other day. She asked me if I would be interested in an Angel reading. How could I resist? I actually do have lots of questions that I would love answered like:

  • Will I be able to run again without severe pain in my knee?
  • How will my upcoming triathlon book be received?
  • Is my dad truly at peace now?
  • How come I can’t lose any weight?

There were other questions that surrounded those three but those were the three main areas that I wanted to focus on for this reading.

Not a Fortune Teller

Jodi giving me an angel reading

Jodi told me that she will not read my fortune. All she could do was guide me potentially with some answers.

I told her to come on over and let’s get this done. (Hey it’s still off-season!)

When Jodi Got Here

We lit a candle and I had all of my questions neatly stacked under crystals I had bought at a local crystal store a few years ago.

Before she pulled out three random cards from the deck, she meditated and reached out to the angels to give her guidance. Here’s what happened in her words:

Your first three cards were “move your body”, “study and learning”, and “trust your vibes”. The reading revealed a connection with your surgery and the healing time so continue to move your body. Study and learning were connected to your providing other people with information to enhance their study and learning. Trust your vibes connected to you have all of the answers and trust your own thoughts, feelings, and actions as opposed to having others make those decisions. 
As we built on the cards, the focus was your new book, your weight, your father, and manifesting your desires so that they come to fruition. 
The other cards were, “trustworthy friends”, Archangel Sandalphon (who carries your prayers to god), Archangel Gabriel (who helps with communication and speaking your truth.  She is also the Archangel for those in the arts (writers)), “count your blessings,” “loved one in heaven,” and the jumping card (always needs to be read because it is saying something important) was “love and accept yourself”, and the final card was Archangel Orion (he connects us to our true purpose here on earth). 
The cards seemed to resonate with you. I do hope that this reading provided you with nurturing guidance from the angelic realm and you were able to wisdom of your current life situations.

What Did I Think?

I was impressed. The cards that came out definitely resonated with me, especially the “love yourself” card. Lately, I’ve been feeling down on myself and that card helped me to see through that.
The other card that gave me the chills when I said to Jodi, I just wonder if my dad is at peace. The card she pulled out was “loved one in heaven.”
The “move your body” one was the only one that I didn’t think applied to me as I exercise for one to three hours a day. But Jodi said it had to do with my knee and not to give up on running.

Would I Recommend Jodi?

I absolutely would. As a matter of fact, I had her do my daughter’s reading and it was also spot on!
Being pleasantly surprised, hopefully, the “angels” will guide me into a great triathlon/endurance season!
If you’re interested in getting a reading, Jodi’s email is [email protected] and her website is Jodi Kahn is also certified to do Reiki and meditation as well. She’s a member of my WeREndurance team.