Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet Review

Shhhh… can you keep a secret? Sometimes, I listen to music when I’m cycling alone and have a long ride. I know a lot of people will frown when they hear this but, I enjoy it. Recently, I had the opportunity to review the Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet and boy, do I have a lot to say about this…

Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet does so much. You can listen to music, answer calls on your mobile phone, listen to FM radio and even talk among each other through an intercom that is on each helmet. (The catch, both people need to be wearing the Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet to hear each other.)

This is the where you sync with bluetooth, play your music and talk with other cyclists.

Turning the Device on

Before doing anything, you need to charge the helmet. It comes with a handy micro USB that can charge quickly. After that, you need to pair the helmet with your smart device. You do this by first powering up but holding the + and the center button together.

Once it’s on, the helmet looks for your mobile device and easily pairs.

Listening to Music

The sound isn’t as good as wearing headphones, but it sounds decent. The bass to treble isn’t perfect. I found it a little “tinny sounding.” However, the sound is not in your ears. You can hear all the sounds around you. This makes for safer riding!

Front view – notice the aerodynamics of the helmet.

Answering Calls

I love that you can take calls (or not take calls) when you ride. There are times when calls come in and I need to pull over to take them. Again, the Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet enables you to take the call yet hear all the external noise around you.

Back view where the charging station is located

My Take

I have a skiing helmet that plays music. It doesn’t do anything other than that. The Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet plays music, answers call and enable you to talk with others through a 900-meter intercom feature. How cool is that?

How many times have you tried to talk with your fellow cyclist friend and had to scream to each other? This is a really cool feature.

The helmet is lightweight and fits snuggly on my head. There is an adjustable strap and a retention system knob that tightens the helmet. It looks like a decent helmet that will protect you and has all the smart features in it.

I’m impressed with it and can’t wait to take it on a long ride.

You can pick one up on (Hey, let me know if you get it. Then we can ride and chat together!)