Should I Hire a Triathlon Coach?

swimmer and coach

When I first started learning about triathlons, my friend told me we needed to hire a triathlon coach. I didn’t understand why. At the time, I had used virtual coaching for running and had a great deal of success. But once I hired a coach, I got hooked.

Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring a triathlon coach:

1 – When you train for a triathlon, most of the time you train alone. Therefore, having someone to look and evaluate your numbers, will help you grow, develop and get stronger as a triathlete.

2 – Someone to talk with who has experience and expertise who can help you get to the next level.

3 – For accountability — it’s easy to let a workout slide. But hiring a coach makes you accountable.

4 – Motivation is a big factor in hiring a triathlon coach. When you do something right, the person will commend you.

5 – Strategize with a coach and help you plan your schedule.

6 – You get someone who can tune up the workouts but also tune down the workouts.

Before hiring a coach, make sure that the person is a certified USA Triathlon coach. You can look here: Coaches who are certified go through rigorous training so you know that person will be good and on your side.

You may consider working with a coach in 2022 to help keep you accountable, motivated, and feel part of a bigger community!

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