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Sumarpo hand paddles

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for a good hand paddle for swimming. I find that they are one of the best swim aids to help you really feel the catch. I like to use it in training. It helps me feel the water.

Sumarpo makes two different kinds of hand paddles — 1) for professional triathletes and 2) for the rest of us.

Sumarpo Hand Paddles

Hand Paddles are a great swim training aid for improving your stroke technique, when you pull through the water it can force your hand to stay straight. SUMARPO makes three different sizes but recommends starting with a smaller size.

The shape of the paddles is ergonomically designed to reduce shoulder strain. It’s got a good grip and is designed for comfort, with straps that can be adjustable.

The Paddles

Each Hand Paddles are TPE and polypropylene, the straps are silicone rubber. The design maximizing the water contact of these paddles is for giving you the best workout possible, it can help you to increase arm pull strength and improve your upper body workout. There are entry and exit holes for the perfect feel of the water.

Taking them for a test drive

I’ve tried both sets out and I feel like it’s important to purchase both. The Pro Swim Hand Paddle is great because it has a lot of holes to feel the water. It takes more effort to go faster with these paddles but they are closer to just using your hand with a little extra pull. These paddles come in both orange and blue.

The “professional” hand paddles, which by the way, have a similar name on the website, are great for strength training in the pool. You really feel the pull with these paddles, as there is less water flowing through them.

I found that using both made a lot of sense and I would highly recommend getting both. This way you can switch off in the water and feel the pull in a different way using each.

The “professional” paddles are $15.95 and the Pro Swim Hand Paddle is $14.95. You can pick them up on the Sumarpo website. Make sure to use Hilary15 to get 15% off your entire order!