Strange Things Happen to Me at the Pool

Hilary Topper swim

It doesn’t matter what pool, I always find that strange things happen to me at the pool.

Lifetime Fitness Pool

I was swimming at Lifetime during the pandemic because the Aquatic Center and Hofstra kept shutting down. Anyway, the same people swam at Lifetime every day. During the 5 am swim, certain people showed up and during the 7 am swim other people showed up.

As I was getting out of the pool with another woman I kept seeing during the 7 am time slot, she asked me, “Were you always a swimmer?”

I told her I started as an adult. “I’ve been swimming since 2015,” I told her.

“It figures,” she said, “I can spot an adult swimmer a mile away.”

I didn’t ask her what she meant. And, I didn’t know if it were a compliment or an insult. But whatever the case, I brushed it off and walked away.

Aquatic Center

I just started to train there again and about two weeks ago, I was swimming in a lane. I had my music on and I was focused on the training. When I got to the end of the lane, I saw feet in front of my face. I got startled. Ha… I’m not sure why but I did.

I screamed a little and finished my set.

When I went to the other end of the pool, where my swim toys were located, I motioned to the guy to take the left side and I would take the right. He shook his head.

I continued to motion to him to take the left side and I would take the right. He continued to shake his head. But didn’t move over. He stayed on the right side.

Now, I’m calling the guy a jerk, and every name in the book in my head. “Really?” I scream out. He doesn’t respond and ignores me.

I moved all my stuff over to the left side and continued swimming. It was a bit annoying.

Text Message

A week or so after that, I got a text message from a random number. “Listen, your left arm isn’t extended out enough,” the text message read. I asked who it was. I got no response.

Now, I’m thinking to myself, so strange person is actually watching me in the water as I swim?

The person finally identified himself and I was appreciative of his feedback but it was a little freaky at first.

Do strange things happen to you at the pool?

Let me know by commenting below.