On My Way to the Pool…

Hilary at the pool at the Aquatic Center in Eisenhower Park

After parking my car at the Hofstra parking lot, I started the long walk to the pool. I was wearing my Iron Fit Endurance sweat shirt. An older couple stopped me.

“Where is Iron Fit Endurance?” they asked.

“Oh, it’s in West Islip,” I said.

“How was the race?” they asked me.

“The one in Florida?” I asked. I wasn’t sure how they knew I was in Florida the weekend before.

“No the Iron Fit Endurance Race,” they said.

“Iron Fit Endurance is a coach. It’s not a race,” I said.

“So how was St. Anthony’s Triathlon?” the woman asked. “Was it hot?”

“I loved it and yes it was 90 degrees,” I said. I started to continue to walk toward the pool. That was strange…

Tell me a time when you had an interaction with someone and then shook your head.

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