Swimming at the Freeport Recreation Center

I swam at the Freeport Recreation Center in the past. I found it to be very pleasant. However, this time I swam there, I was horrified by the conditions. 

It was late summer and the Aquatic Center in Eisenhower Park was closed. I can also swim at Hofstra, since I’m adjunct there, but the window was very short and I couldn’t get out of work on time. So, I decided to go to Freeport to swim.

I paid my $12 fee, since I am not a resident, went to the locker room and put on my bathing suit. None of these locker rooms are luxurious. They are very plain but they have lockers, benches, bathrooms and showers. What more do you want?

After changing, I went to the indoor pool. During the summer, they have an outdoor pool as well. I picked a  lane and jumped in.

As I was swimming toward the end of the first 25 yards, I noticed that the pool was particularly dirty. The paint was chipping from the bottom of the pool and pieces of paint were floating along with dust and dirt. You could barely see, it was that cloudy.

I started to feel as if I could get lead poisoning. After about 600 yards, I just couldn’t do it any longer so I left. I kept trying to flag down the lifeguards but they wouldn’t look at me. There were dozens of children and older adults in the water. Isn’t anyone concerned about this? Or are they just used to these conditions?

I went outside. I thought the pool would be better outside. It certainly looked nice. The outside pool was a 50 meter pool. I picked a lane. Again, I jumped in and started swimming. And, yet again, I noticed that the water was particularly cloudy. I could taste the dust as I swam along.

For another 600 yards or so, I swam but I was not happy. There were so many children and the pool was so dirty. Why wasn’t anyone complaining?

I got out and looked for a supervisor but there was no one older than 20 around. I left. I was disgusted. How can this pool be operating in this condition for the community? What a shame! It is such a beautiful pool and obviously no one cares about the upkeep. I walked away feeling bad for the children. I just hope no one gets sick from this!