TYR Hurricane Neo Shorts Review

TYR Hurricane Neo Shorts Review

Every time I’ve been in the pool lately, it seems like everyone is talking about these new neoprene shorts. It piquet my interest so I had to check out a pair.


The TYR Hurricane Neo Shorts are made of the same material at the wetsuit but they are shorts and could be worn in a pool. The thing about these TYR shorts is that they keep your body elevated in the pool. They are great practice for wetsuit time and since your body is elevated, you tend to swim faster.


I have two Hurricane wetsuits and I can attest they are great. What TYR did was they took the quality, fit and performance of the Hurricane wetsuits and remodeled for the neo shorts. They say that each “suit is strategically engineered to enhance your buoyancy, acceleration and overall power in the water.”

When I tested them at the Equinox in Manhattan and wow, they worked great. I felt as if I was wearing a wet suit without the feel of a full wet suit. I felt light and flew through the water as if I were in the open water wearing a full wet suit. I plan on wearing these all winter during my trainings in Master Swim classes.

They retail for $69.99.