Untapped All Natural Athletic Fuel Review

Untapped is an interesting company. From Vermont, the company uses real maple products to make Untapped All Natural Athletic Fuel. Here is my review.


UnTapped was founded in 2013 by professional cyclist Ted King and the Cochran family of professional alpine skiers.

UnTapped uses pure maple syrup. According to the company’s website, “This lack of heavy processing leaves a multitude of benefits in the syrup that one finds lacking from other sweeteners and gels.” They say these are the benefits of using maple syrup:

•  low glycemic

Calcium, Riboflavin, Manganese, Zinc, and Potassium. These inherent components of maple syrup promote energy production, muscle recovery, and help prevent cramping.

more than fifty antioxidants.

amino acids, which help prevent muscle deterioration.

• water-soluble making it easy to digest, quick to absorb.

Taking it for a test drive:

I used the gels during my runs and loved the taste. They are lighter than most other gels on the market and taste just like maple syrup. I thought it would be too sweet for me, but it really wasn’t. I particularly liked the maple and coffee-flavored gels. The waffles are truly delicious as well. I compare them to the honey stinger but 10x better! They are all-natural and taste great.

After a two hour run, they really helped give me a pickup and easily helped me get through another hour of working out.

Untapped comes in a variety of flavors.
Untapped comes in a variety of flavors as shown above.


The Untapped comes in a variety of flavors including:

The Waffle comes in Coffee Waffle, Maple Waffle, and Chai Waffle.

The gels come in maple, coffee and salted raspberry.

They even have a Maple aid tea that you can use in your water to keep you going. It tastes just like iced tea. (For those of us who don’t like the taste of water, this one is yummy delicious!)

Where to get them?

You can get them at a local running, cycling or multisport store or you can pick them up online at https://untapped.cc/. A sample pack with all of the items above plus more is only $25.