What Can You Do If The Gyms Are Closed?

Although working with weights is important to build strength, there are lots of different ways to get in a workout at home using no gym equipment. Recently, I did some research and have curated some ways to do strength training at home.  Here is what you can do if your gym is closed and you don’t have weights at home:


Start with a good warm-up. If you can’t get outside to walk or jog around, march in place for five minutes. This will do the trick! If you have a jump rope, jump for five minutes.

Work Out:

Without heavyweights, you can use bodyweight or items around the house to keep you in shape. Here are a few ideas:

12 – 15 reps x 3 times

Bicep Curl – take two cans of soup or two packages of rice (or anything similar in weight) and place in each hand. Then curl up using these props. If you need a challenge, balance on one foot while doing these curls. You can also use something heavier and do one arm at a time!

bicep curls with cans of soup

Tricep Skull Crushers – Find heavier objects and lie on your back. Bring the object over your head and touch the ground. You will feel this in your triceps and your lats. (You can also do this standing up. See photo. In the photo, I use Cascade Dishwashing Detergent but you can also use laundry detergent as your weight.)

Push-Ups – An old one but a good one. This will work on your triceps and your core. Make sure to hold a few moments in the lower position.

Wall Sits – Pretend you are sitting on a chair, but you are not! You sit leaning against the wall. Sit there for 10 seconds to start and build up from there. This is great for your core!

Russian Twist – This entails balancing with your legs and torso forming a V and twisting from side to side.

Squat – You don’t need any weights for these, just your body weight. If you want it to be more challenging add any household item that you can hold in your hands, like laundry detergent, as you squat down. Try to go down as far as you can and stay for a moment before going back up.

Sumo Squat – These are squats but instead of your toes pointing toward the wall, they are pointing on the sides. Use the same weighted item here for more challenge. You may want to use laundry detergent.

Bridge – Lie faceup on the floor, knees bent, hands at sides, abs engaged, and lift hips 4 to 6 inches. Hold for 3 seconds, then lower back to first lifted position. If you want more challenge and you have a band handy, put around your thighs for more resistance.

Cool Down:

Take five minutes while laying on your back with your knees up. Take three deep breaths in and out. Think about your accomplishments. You will get through this!

If anyone has other suggestions, please write in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

*Consult a physician first before trying any exercises.