How to Train Like the Pros

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Matt Fitzgerald, triathlete and author of many running and triathlon books including 80/20 Triathlete. This was part of WeRTriathletes virtual triathlon team. If you want more information on the team, go to HTTP://

Fitzgerald explained how you can train like the pros. Here’s the video:

About Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald is an acclaimed endurance sports coach, nutritionist, and author. His many books include The Endurance Diet, 80/20 Running, and How Bad Do You Want It? 

Matt’s writing also appears regularly in magazines and on websites such as Women’s Running and His online training plans have helped thousands of athletes of all experience and ability levels achieve their goals. Certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, Matt has consulted for numerous sports nutrition companies and he is the creator of the Diet Quality Score (DQS) smartphone app.

A lifelong athlete, he speaks frequently at events throughout the United States and internationally. Matt can be reached at [email protected].