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The Power of The Group

By: Jeff Galloway Benefits of Running with a Group: As a team, you can share the challenges, the laughs, the struggles and the exhilaration. No one needs to go through a tough day without being bolstered by the others. As you give support, you’ll receive much more in return. Every year, in just about every pace…

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Water Running Can Improve Your Running Form

Water Running Can Improve Your Running Form By: Jeff Galloway All of us have little flips and side motions of our legs that reduce our running efficiency. During a water running workout, the resistance of the water forces your legs to find a more efficient path. In addition, several leg muscles are strengthened which can…

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Motivate Your Way Out The Door by Jeff Galloway

MOTIVATE YOUR WAY OUT THE DOOR By Jeff Galloway There is a point where every runner needs a little motivation to head out the door. Here is a proven strategy to get moving on the tough days.The method has also been helpful in dealing with other challenges. Mentally Rehearse: The following is a mental exercise that…

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We Were Named Top Triathlon Blog!

We were named top triathlon blog! A Triathlete’s Diary Blog was named #32 out of 75 top Triathlon Blogs from Feedspot, the leading RSS reader. Others on the list include #1 Blog, #4 Tri Swim Coach Blog and #5 TriRadar Blog. There are blogs from across the world listed on this site, including Switzerland,…

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Can’t Figure Out What to Do About Your Hair?

Can’t figure out what to do about your hair? Guys, this one isn’t for you… it’s for us women who have long hair and aren’t sure how to deal with it during a triathlon. This post crossed my desk and I thought it was worthy to share. Reebok worked with Boston-based hairstylist Diana Quagenti to put…

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Running the #NYRRMini10K

Running the #NYRRMini10K I’m either getting too old or getting too lazy to leave my house at 4 am or earlier to get to a race. So, lately, I’ve been booking a hotel room. The night before the NYRR 10K Mini, my daughter and I “pasta’d up” at Becco and then we stayed at the…

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Castelli Donna Collection Review

Castelli Donna Collection Review Castelli recently introduced a new line of running and triathlon clothing that is sure to be a winner in the triathlon market. Fortunately, I recently had the opportunity to test drive two of their new products and here’s what I thought. The ALII Run Top is incredibly light weight. It has…

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Swimming with a Masters Class

Swimming with a Masters Class Getting up at 5 am is rough. It’s just hard to get up, especially when you are up and down most nights! However, the Masters Swim class is held on Wednesdays at 6:30 and runs until 7:45 am and, since my friend, Maggie Stovickova Skrine coaches, I try to get there.…

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