An Embarrassing Thing Happened at the Pool

Hilary at the pool at the Aquatic Center in Eisenhower Park

I lost nearly 15 pounds and didn’t realize that some of my xl bathing suits were a little too big. Hence, an embarrassing thing happened at the pool.

I threw a bathing suit in my gym bag and this time, I remembered to bring a towel to the pool. I arrived at Hofstra Swim Center, went to the locker and put on my bathing suit. It felt a little loose, but I didn’t have another suit with me, so I kept it on.

After picking out a lane, I put all of my swim “toys” at the edge. As I sat there, I put in my ear plugs, put on my bathing cap, goggles and nose plugs and sat there for a few moments, as I always do. That first jump in the water takes a few moments for me. I think I will get accustomed to the water and yet, once I jump in, it’s always a shock to my body temperature.

I take the plunge and swim across the pool. It’s amazing to me how easy it is to swim 25 yards at this point. I remember when I couldn’t get across the pool.

Suddenly, I got the feeling that people were noticing me. Am I swimming particularly well today? Are people thinking that I’m an efficient swimmer? I look around. I wonder what they are thinking.

After about 500 to 1000 yards, I notice that my top half seems like there’s more water than usual around me. I almost feel as if I’m skinny dipping and yet, I’m not.

Or, am I?

I stop when I get back to the edge of the pool and look down. “OMG,” I said to myself, “I am skinny dipping!” At that point, I noticed that my breasts where completely out of the bathing suit and the bathing suit drooped down.

Losing weight has its advantages and disadvantages. Now I know why so many people were looking at me!

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