Looking for a Challenging Triathlon?

If you’re one of the many triathletes who wants something a little more challenging, then you should check out this WeRTriathletes webinar, “Looking for a Challenging Triathlon.”

Here, I interview Scott Fricks of US Virgin Island Triathlon community. Scott and his partner Theresa Harper produced the Beauty & the Beast Triathlon. They will be organizing it again in 2019.

The triathlon takes place in the US Virgin Islands, specifically St. Croix. They have several different options including a aquarun, a sprint triathlon, and the half distance event, Beauty & the Beast. They call it that because of the beauty of the country. However, into the ride, you will climb a massive hill which will test you to the limit. But, when you get to the top, you will have a huge smile on your face.

Check out this webinar where Scott talks about the race, talks about how to prepare and how this triathlon is the ultimate challenge and race destination for your next triathlon!