Book Review: The 30-Minute Runner Smart Training for Busy Beginners

Book Review: The 30-Minute Runner Smart Training for Busy Beginners

As soon as I read the forward of the book, The 30-Minute Runner — Smarter Training for the Busy Beginner by, Duncan Larkin, I was hooked. This book was written to “honor every runner who has ever come across the finish line in dead-last place.”  This is one of the first books I have read dedicated to the back of the pack and that made me smile.

The book is really about helping the beginner runner take 30 minutes a day to run/walk. It’s especially written for the busy executive who feels that he/she can’t fit it in. Larkin simplifies the process.

He includes training schedules, techniques for running and provides running tips like what to wear in frigid weather to what to do when it’s stifling hot during a workout.

Duncan Larkin starts the book with a commitment. He asks the runner for a commitment to run every day for 30 minutes a day. He even includes a contract that you need to sign!

I loved the way The 30-Minute Runner was organized. Larkin includes training plans which includes cross training, walking and even speed running. His plans are for a 5K and 10K. He even has information on competing in a half. He tells the reader what to consider buying for the run, which he says “isn’t much.”

He discusses motivation and how to prepare for a race.

The 30-Minute Runner is a perfect gift to give to someone who wants to start running but doesn’t know how or, it’s the perfect gift for yourself to learn more about the sport. It was definitely worth the read.

The book can be bought on Amazon for $18.51.