CEP Compression Socks Review

Recently I received the Women’s Tall Socks 3.0 for review. These are CEP branded compression socks.

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression is great for recovery. I also find myself wearing compression socks on the plane because I find my legs swell.

Compression socks are also great for the long run because they increase circulation and keep your legs and feet from swelling. When I trained for the NYC Marathon, I wore compression socks on almost every run.

The Women’s Tall Socks 3.0

CEP Women’s Tall Socks 3.0

The CEP Compression socks are awesome. The ones I tried were the Women’s Tall Socks 3.0. Besides coming in lots of colors – from lime to pink, the CEP Compression socks are made from 85% polyamide and 15% spandex. They have graduated compression and are extremely comfortable.

The only issue I have with compression socks or sleeves, for that matter, is they are hard to get on. They are so tight; it takes a little extra time to get them over your calves. But, once they are on, you do feel a difference. The one thing I didn’t like about these socks is that you should hand wash. Although they were still useable after a wash, the pair had some pulls in it.

I wear a size 8 sneaker and got a size women’s 2. I also chose the ice/grey colors. It is more of a teal blue and grey.

What I like about the CEP Compression Socks is that they are lightweight, have a little padding in the toe and heal and fit snuggly over my foot.

A Guarantee

One of the coolest things about this brand is that they guarantee the compression. They say that there is a six-month guarantee or 150 to 200 wears.

What I do with compression

I find myself wearing compression when I do a brick – bike/run. Sometimes I wear sleeves and a pair of socks, but having the combination is convenient. When you compete in a triathlon, you can wear these in the water and then on the bike and run. They dry quickly and will keep the blood flowing so that you can do the best you can in the race.

Where can you get them?

You can purchase the CEP Compression Socks – Women’s or Men’s tall socks 3.0, on their website at https://www.cepcompression.com/collections/mens-compression. They retail for $59.99.