New Running Socks

Balega Socks

There was a ton of running sock companies at The Running Event (TRE), here I review a few different brands of running socks.


The company had a big presence at TRE. They sponsored the opening night reception that included dueling pianos, appetizers, and beer and wine. It was a nice event and everyone in attendance received a pair of midweight Enduro Balega socks.

Now, I love Balega socks. They have been my go-to for several years and because of that, I became a Balega Impi (which is an ambassador of the brand).

Balega recently had a turnover in staff and upper management. Although the socks are made the same, out of a South African factory, the patterns have changed and evolved.

Hidden Comfort is my favorite sock. At TRE, Balega had different gradient-colored socks in this category.

Hidden Comfort

Their newest sock is the non-skid support sock. What I love about these is that it gives you support around your ankle and your arch. It makes for all-day comfort.

Balega Non-Skid Socks

Most of their socks retail for $15 and up.


sock guy wool socks

At the TRE show, SockGuy showcased a few of their new styles including a 100 percent wool sock that keeps your feet warm during these cold winter months. I would use these more for hiking, cycling, or even skiing. SockGuy socks sit above your ankle. They are lightweight and very durable.

Some of the features include ultra-wicking and no slide.

Retail price: $13.95

sock guy compression

In addition, they also showcased their compression-style socks that go just above your ankle. They also put emphasis on your ankles and the arches of your feet.

These retail for $15.95

Boldfoot Socks Athletics

Boldfoot Red, White and Blue

This sock company was established in 2014 and was recently bought by a former vet who found them, loved them, and made an offer to buy the company. This was their first year at TRE and he made quite an impression!

Boldfoot Stripped socks

The best part, 5% of the proceeds from sock sales go toward veterans in need.

The socks come in bold colors and retail for approximately $16 per pair.

Definite Articles

Definite Articles Socks

At first glance, I liked that these socks were thinking and had a high back on the no-shows. However, when I did take it out for a run, I found the sock slipping down into my shoe. Other than that, I found them very comfortable.

They come in a variety of colors and they retail for $14.95.


CEP Socks

CEP Compression has been around for a while and has offered dynamic compression socks that work. At TRE, the company handed out The Run No Show Socks 4.0. They have the same compression that you are used to on a CEP sock but have more cushion on the heel and toe. They aren’t particularly thick, which is good, but they are very comfortable.

They also come in a variety of colors. They retail for $14.95