Do You Need Bike Insurance?

Hilary on her QR bike

When I bought my first road bike I didn’t even think about bike insurance, and although the bike was expensive I thought it was covered under my homeowners’ policy, so I didn’t bother looking.

However, after purchasing my QR Di2 Tri bike, I knew I had to seek insurance coverage. I reached out to the insurance broker who handles my home. He told me that high-value bikes are not covered by the homeowner’s policy. So, I called my auto insurance company and was told that if the bike is inside my car only partial coverage will be applied. If it’s on the back of the car or if it falls off the rack, the auto insurance doesn’t cover anything.

Seeking Bike Insurance

I did a quick Google search and found Velosurance, a small company based in Florida and Colorado that offers all types of insurance options for bike insurance at very reasonable rates!

Velosurance covers all types of accidental damage to a bike, and you don’t have to be riding the bike for the accident to happen. It could get damaged while in your car and it’s still covered.

For example, if you crash and total the bike, the policy will pay you the replacement value for the bike. Or, what happens if it’s stolen? The value of the bike will also be replaced.

They also cover your bike if you use a transport company to ship your bike to an event or hand it to an airline as luggage. If it’s damaged, you can easily file a claim with Velosurance.

What happens if you get hurt from a bike accident? Velosurance offers a Medial Payment option to cover your unpaid medical bills.

My experience

I called Velosurance 888-668-9948 and spoke with Dave Williams. He was wonderful. He walked me through the details of the insurance, and I decided to purchase a policy.

Since then, I’ve been a happy client for three years and am satisfied with the amazing service Velosurance provides.

Interestingly, at there’s a whole section of Q and A’s of great questions. I think you’ll be surprised by some of the answers.

About Velosurance

Velosurance is a national insurance agency founded by two cyclists in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide. They partnered with an A.M.Best “A” rated, US insurance company to provide a multi-risk policy offering protection to all types of cyclists. Their cycling insurance policy is superior to any other similar product available in the insurance marketplace. They are proud to serve their fellow cyclists with an insurance policy that covers just about anything that can happen to a bike. Everyone who works at Velosurance is an avid rider, so when you call you are speaking to another cyclist who understands you and your bike.

Recently, I encouraged Dave to be a sponsor of the blog and the team. He agreed. He was recently on a podcast on and really offered some great advice and help to anyone who is a cyclist or triathlete.  Listen here to the episode:

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