TYR Women’s Hurricane Cat 5 No Sleeve Wetsuit

Front of the TYR Cat 5 wetsuit

My first wetsuit was the TYR wetsuit. It was top of the line at that point and I really loved wearing it. I ended up getting the same suit in no sleeve and loved that even more.

Most recently I tried the TYR Women’s Hurricane Cat 5 No Sleeve Wetsuit and I think it may be my favorite suit.


Hilary Topper about to enter the water wearing a TYR Cat 5 Wetsuit

TYR Hurricane Cat 5

My first no sleeve TYR wetsuit, I ended up cutting off the neck and the ankles because I found it chafed my neck too much and was hard to get off.

The new TYR Hurricane Cat 5 addressed that by making the ankles a quick release and creating a very comfortable neckline that doesn’t chafe!

Other interesting features of the Hurricane Cat 5 include:

  • five core stabilization panels that precisely target the muscle groups to elevate the swimmer ensuring optimal body position and preservation of core strength over the long term of the swimming race.
  • elevation throughout the legs, chest, and core to reduce water drag
  • tapered legs allow the suit to reverse and open for a quick and effortless transition

inside of Tyr Cat 5 Wetsuit

Very Impressed

I’ve been swimming in the open water now for nearly six years and have tried different brands of suits. I can tell you that this is my absolute favorite suit. It’s comfortable, easy to get in and out, and really helps me glide through the water. I would absolutely recommend this one and give it 5 stars!

To pick yours up, go to Tyr.com.

Hilary Topper's 5 star rating