The METEOR Mini by MyoStorm Launches Today on Kickstarter


The METEOR is a self-heating, vibrating, massage therapy ball to facilitate muscle recovery and help reduce chronic pain. It is also used for deep tissue massage and is perfect for stiff muscles, knots, soreness after workouts, and it is perfectly calibrated for everyday aches and pains.

The product, which was on SharkTank, is the brainchild of an electrical engineer and CEO, Jono Diperi,  co-founder and 2016 Rio Olympic Marathon athlete, Jared Ward, and co-founder and world record holder for the 800-meter run, Shaquille Walker. The team developed the device as a need to help alleviate pain and discomfort after working out. They found METEOR to be so beneficial that they took the product on the road to share with athletes around world.

The METEOR MINI Launches Today on Kickstarter!

The METEOR MINI still has all the great benefits of the METEOR but it’s 50% smaller. This makes it makes the unit very easy to travel with and pack in your bag!
differences between meteor and mini

The benefits of the METEOR

Firstly, the METEOR can be used anywhere at any time. You charge it up and the charge lasts a while so you can easily take it with you. (It also comes with a USB charger so you can plug it in anywhere.)
The heat and vibration along with the rolling of the METEOR on various body parts – back, shoulder, legs, feet, etc., helps create blood flow to make you feel better and to heal quicker.
Specifically, the heat goes up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This improves blood flow which brings healing enzymes and carries away negative byproducts of muscle contraction, speeding up your recovery and reducing pain.
The vibration, which uses Ultra-Soothe Technology, offers 4 levels of specialized intensity. These specifically calibrated levels of vibration help promote improved blood flow and allow you to target and penetrate even the deepest areas of pain. Vibration has been scientifically proven to reduce pain quickly and efficiently more than traditional massage.
“The difference between the METEOR Mini and the METEOR is that the Mini is 50% smaller but it uses the same vibration and heat,” said Jono Diperi, CEO of MyoStorm. “This makes for a perfect travel companion.”

Taking it to the Test

Having owned the METEOR version 2.0 for the past two years, I am a big MyoStorm fan! The product works! I use it before training and after training for a running, triathlon, or swimming event. When I travel, I also bring it along with me. (I always get so stiff when on a plane! The METEOR really helps!)
In addition to that, I find that after a run, my feet hurt. I use it and I don’t have any issues the next day!
Full disclosure, MyoStorm is a sponsor but as you know, I would never recommend a product I don’t believe in and I love this one!
I’m really excited that MyoStorm made a mini version and I can’t wait for the product to launch. Make sure you go to the Kickstarter page today and see how you can get yourself a METEOR MINI! Here’s the link:
Hilary Topper's 5 star rating