Drankful Hydration Review

Front of Drankful

There’s something to be said about carrying your hydration at the hip and not on the back. I’ve always just used a backpack but recently had the opportunity to check out Drankful Hip Pack. And, I’m glad I did.

The Drankful Hip Pack can be used for hiking, cycling, road running, and/or trail running. A 1.5 ml hydration pack is included in the hip pack.


back of Drankful Hydration pack

The pack has a lot of interesting features including:

  • Reservoir and Drinking Tube INCLUDED: Every pack comes with a unique and compact 1.5L reservoir and drinking tube.
  • No-Bounce Stability: Sleek, compact design rides low for no-bounce stability (I can attest that this is true.)
  • Wide-Mouth Opening: Easy access zippers reveal abundant storage space for gear. (What I like about this is that it is easy to clean. Some of the other hydration packs have been a challenge.
  • Off-Set Magnetic buckle: This makes attaching the pack to your waist effortless and secure.
  • Bottle Holders: Hidden water bottle pockets deploy easily for longer rides.
  • High Visibility: Reflective strips add visibility when rides go later than expected.
  • Air Flow: Air vents combine with sweat-wicking, breathable mesh to keep you cool and chafe-free. (There are lots of air flows!)
  • Weatherproof Protection: Coated fabric and weatherproof zippers make sure your essentials stay dry and protected from unexpected weather.

Inside Drankful

Taking it for a test drive

I decided to take the Drankful out for a test run. I ran for nearly an hour and the hip pack stayed securely around my waist. When I went to take a sip, it was easy to pull out the tube and suck it in.

The pack was big enough to hold my phone, headphones, and even a light jacket in case I needed some extra layering. If I’m going for a day out on the trails or on a ride, this would make a great addition to my repertoire. It was comfortable, compact, and held a lot of fluid and storage which is sometimes important when you’re going out long.

The Drankful Hip Pack is currently on sale for $109.95 on the website found here: https://www.drankful.com/products/hip-pack

P.S. I took Drankful on the slopes and it worked great!!!!