Eat Your Vitamins Book Review

It seems like everyone takes supplements. But, what if you didn’t need to? What if you could figure out what to eat and just get your vitamins from what you eat instead of what you take?

Eat Your Vitamins

Eat Your Vitamins by Mascha Davis, MPH, RDN, is a great reference book to keep on your bookshelf and to keep referring back to.

Published by Adams Media, Eat Your Vitamins takes the reader on a journey into the makeup of various foods. As you know, vitamins and minerals are imperative for good health. But, when we eat processed foods, our diets get stripped of these nutrients and leave us deficient.

The book features 50 key vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential to good overall health.

Flip to any page

Flip to any chapter and the beginning tells you about the vitamin, mineral or other nutrients. For example, I flipped to Fluoride. The book described that fluoride is found in water, however, not all water has fluoride. It then tells me the role that fluoride plays in the body, it’s benefits and side effects. It talks about signs in which to tell if you are deficient and how much you actually need. Did you know that Fluoride doesn’t only come in the water? It also is in brown rice, crab, chicken, and strawberries!

There are lots of interesting facts and ways in which you can change your lifestyle. One of the things that I found fascinating is that what you think is the way to get a vitamin or mineral, may not be the way to get it. For example, take Potassium. You would think bananas would be your way to get enough potassium in your system. But dried apricots will give you way more mg than bananas.

Where to get a copy?

You can pick up a copy on Amazon or from Adams Media. The price of the book is $9.99 and well worth it!