EventPower LI Races

triathlon in peleton

Find out from Vicki Ventura about some of the unique and interesting races that EventPower LI puts on every year on Long Island.

EventPower LI offers a wide range of events that suit any level of athlete from beginners to experienced racers. They offer running, duathlons, and triathlons with variations for all levels.

With Vicki’s vast knowledge and experience in the Long Island racing scene, she can provide valuable insight into which races will best suit your needs. From sprint distances to half-Ironman length, she can help you choose the best race for your goals. Additionally, Vicki assists with pre-race advice and post-race follow-up to ensure that every racer has a positive and successful experience.

Whether you’re looking for technical terrain or flat courses, Vicki will be able to pair you with the perfect event that will challenge and inspire you to reach new heights. Start your journey with EventPower LI today and start racing smarter!

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