Zwift Hub Review

Zwift Hub

I’ve had my CompuTrainer for nearly seven years and I felt it was time for an upgrade. I looked into the Wahoo Kickr and then saw that Zwift had their own “kickr” called the Hub. At one point Zwift was selling Wahoo products, I guess they developed their own product.

Anyway, it was $499 and the reviews seemed good. So, I decided to order it.

Zwift Hub

Once I placed the order, I was alerted constantly about the progress of the order. When it arrived at my door, two days later, I was told it crossed the finish line.

Set up was a breeze. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I had to remove my rear wheel and that was it. I placed the bike on the trainer and started to ride.

But it wasn’t that easy in the beginning!

I didn’t realize that I had to calibrate before and after every ride. So when I went out, I couldn’t do many of the initial workouts. It was shifting erratically and when there was an incline, it was nearly impossible.

So, I did another FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test and found that my watts went down. (They are supposed to go up!) So I reset the bike computer and by calibrating it all the time, it became enjoyable.


What I like about Zwift, is that it really does simulate the real world. When riding up those hills, it really feels hard, and going down really feels easy.

But one of the things I love is that there is a ghost that appears when there are time trial activities during a Zwift ride. The ghost is you and you try to beat your last ride by trying to “kick the ghost’s butt.”

It’s always a lot of fun and gives you something to work towards. I have also found that it really helps with motivation and pushing yourself harder.

Overall, I think the Zwift Hub is a great tool for any triathlete who wants to boost their performance and stay motivated while training. It will take some adjustment, but once you get used to the technology, you will be able to make incredible progress in terms of your performance.

Happy riding! 🙂