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Chirp Wheel

Chirp Wheel has gone viral on TikTok and on Instagram. When the company reached out and asked if I check it out, I said, “sure.” They wanted to know which one I wanted to review.

Chirp comes in three different sizes — 6″ for deep tissue; 10″ for medium pressure and stretch and the 12″ for more stretch and less pressure. I chose the 12″ wheel.

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Chirp’s 12″ Wheel

The reason why I chose the 12″ wheel was because I have a ton of foam rollers in the house. I wanted to check out something different and different it is.

Because the wheel is so large, more of your back is in contact with it, which results in dispersed pressure along your back. Rolling it out helps elongate your spine.

I also like that it helps release your shoulder blades, especially after a long swim!

The Wheel

It’s a wheel, almost looks like a flat tire and it sits on the ground. You roll yourself over it and you do get a good stretch. It doesn’t hurt. It’s actually pleasant. (Many of these foam rollers are so incredibly painful. This is not.)

Interestingly, they were on Shark Tank and were funded.

Want to try it out?

I have a 10% off code to check out the Chirp Wheel. Here is the link: I think you will enjoy it as much as I do. Happy rolling!