Competing in the Swimming Pool

Hilary Topper at Lifetime Fitness

As you know, I rejoined Lifetime Fitness in Garden City. I joined to use the pool. As I’ve been going there, I realize that people are competing against me in the lanes next to me.

I know that must sound strange. But, when I get into the pool and start swimming, I notice that when I get to the wall, the person next to me or two lanes down, go at the same time. Therefore, I feel the need to kick it up a notch!

Two Pools

At Lifetime, there are two pools – a hot pool (90 degrees plus) and a cooler pool (low 80s). I prefer for obvious reasons the cooler pool.

There are only four lanes in the cooler pool, so there are times when you have to wait to get a lane. Because of COVID, they don’t recommend that you share a lane unless you are a family member.

They also have the lanes available for 30 minutes, so sometimes, it makes it hard to get everything in.

Competing in the Pool

In addition to starting at the same time, sometimes, I get a wink or nod. That’s when I know the person wants to race me. There are times that I go faster than the person in the next lane, but there are also lots of times when I go slower. I don’t know if it’s in my head or if this is really happening. Whatever the case, it’s fun and helps me go faster.

Tell me a time when you were in the pool and you felt that the person next to you wanted to race.