Vive Wear for Life Performance Review


Let’s face it, your feet get cold in the winter, especially when you are running and cycling. A new brand of sock recently launched that has thermal properties which provide protection from both heat and cold and these socks are called Vive Wear for Life Performance.

Here’s a review:

Touch and Feel:

To me, the touch and the feel of the sock need to be soft and not itchy! The Vive sock uses alpaca and merino wool, one of the softest natural fibers. The thing that I found unique about these socks is that they are ridiculously comfortable. They are hypoallergenic.

I put them on and immediately felt pure comfort. But I wasn’t sure how they would be while running. So, I put on my running shoes and headed out the door.

The Run

While running, my feet stayed warm and not sweaty, which I thought was interesting. The wool are naturally water resistant and wick away body moisture, which provides comfort even when wet. They are also breathable.

During the run, my feet felt good. There was no slippage. They stayed warm and dry and extremely comfortable.

Interestingly, these socks also have compression.

How are they made?

The socks are engineered with nano silver and nano copper and combined to generate a micro current when exposed to body fluid and antibacterial properties. This means the socks don’s smell after a long run and fact check, they don’t!

The Vive Wear for Life Performance socks are made with natural fibers 50% (25% alpaca and 25% merino wool), nylon 32%, lycra 18%; nano silver and nano copper less than 1%.

They are machine washable.

Where to get them?

You can pick up a pair on their website at