Has COVID-19 Got in the Way of Peeing?

pee like a man product

Let’s face it, men have it easy. When they have to pee they pull it out and go. It doesn’t matter where or when, they can just urinate. 

But what do we do? We wait to find a toilet or porta potty and we squat (if we can). But, did you know that with COVID-19, it’s not a good idea to use a public toilet, let alone a porta potty.


Freshette is an interesting product for anyone who swim, bikes or runs. With COVID-19 prevalent throughout the country, we need to find alternatives ways to go to the bathroom. In comes Freshette. 

There are lots of products that does the same thing, but, when I asked the representative from Freshette what makes them different, she wrote:

  • “We’ve been around since 1977, and have continually redesigned and enhanced the product based on consumer input; we’ve been fortunate to received three patents over the years.
  • Many prefer our rigid funnel which doesn’t collapse and allows for a more complete, secure seal to the body to avoid leaks (more so than those that are pliable)
  • We have varying length of tubing (5″, 36″ or 48″) which allows for flexibility; those in wheelchairs are able to use the Freshette and avoid transferring in restrooms due to the longer tubing which can direct flow right into the toilet
  • The tube allows for directing flow – whether it be a toilet, bottle, or one of our disposable bags
  • Our funnel is a bit wider than other products enabling more better flow without overspill or leakage.”

How long does it last?

When I asked how long it lasts, she told me that after use, you wash it out and it can last 10 years or longer. “We have one woman who has had this product for 15 years!” said the rep.

My thoughts...

What I love about this product is, it’s pretty compact. There are two pieces, one is a hard plastic piece that fits snuggly in place with a sprout. The sprout can be used alone or extended with a tube that fits into the small pouch. 

The only issue I have with it is that I can’t fit it in my running pouch or my bike bag. It will fit in the pocket of a cycling jersey but only an oversized pocket. That’s is why I typically leave it in the car. 

But I did try it out and was surprised at how well it worked. 

You can pick one up from the website at Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005SRVAS6/.

And now a word from our sponsor...

Here’s a video from one of our sponsors, the Russo Law Group, who took a road trip recently and talked about the public restrooms. Check it out below.