Is it Worth Switching to Final Surge?

Final Surge Podcast cover

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I’ve been using Final Surge now for nearly three years. There are so many amazing features on this training log for coaches and athletes. For example, they have a blog that has so many resources for athletes and coaches, including a fantastic podcast that has more than 100 episodes with famous athletes. Final Surge also has a host of training programs that you can incorporate into your plan of action.

Is Final Surge Worth it?

There are so many things you can do with Final Surge, including:

  • -getting a snapshot of your recent fitness, displaying weekly and monthly distance and duration totals, as well as showing you upcoming and past workouts.
  • -reporting feature that allows you to look at all of your data and compare and contrast.
  • -Workout Intensity Calculator which gives you training paces based off your current race times, helping you train at the correct intensity level.
  • -linking up with Garmin and Strava.
  • -providing training zones.

Final Surge Podcasts

Final Surge has a host of awesome podcasts on their site. They are both inspirational and motivational. They have more than 160 episodes with running coaches, elite runners,  elite triathletes, and triathlon coaches. All episodes are around 30 minutes in length. You can check it out here:


What’s nice about the Final Surge Blog is that if you subscribe, you will get an up-to-date look at the new features, and they keep adding features! They have guest blogs from some of the greatest triathletes of our day, like Mark Allen. In addition, they have a nutrition section, training and racing, and they even have weekly workouts that include track workouts and more! 

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