In My #happyplace

A few weeks ago, while I was swimming at Tobay Beach on the bayside with one of my training partners. We stopped. I looked around in 360 degrees and announced, “I’m in my #happyplace!”

Most mornings, I wake up and get out to do a swim, bike, or run. And when I do, I go into my happy place…

But, I can’t get myself to do it every day. Because on some days, when I’m not on autopilot, I have an internal struggle.

“Do I need to do this?”

“Do I want to get up at this hour?”

There are days when the struggle is more than other days. And on those days, I typically will go with how I feel and take the day off. Maybe I’m doing too much? Or, maybe my body needs to recover?

If I’m on autopilot and get out there, I quickly reach my “happy place.”

It doesn’t matter if I’m swimming in the open water, riding my bike on a trail or running in a unique place, I get the same feeling – #myhappyplace.

I was thinking about why I reach this happy place. I wonder if I find it because I get disconnected from the Internet? Or, if it’s because I can’t get calls on the swim, bike, or run. Maybe when I reach my happy place, it’s because I can escape the daily routines of life?

To me, that #happyplace is when I’m doing something I love in a beautiful location apart from where I can go alone from the world around me…

Comment below and let me know where your happy place is. You may win a free WeRTriathletes visor!