Klitch Shoe Clip Review

clpping shoes

Hey runner/triathlete friends, how many times have you wanted to hang your shoes from your bag because 1) they were wet, 2) they didn’t fit, 3) you just needed to clip them on your bag. In comes Klitch Shoe Clip.

Klitch Shoe Clip


This new shoe clip is clever. It can hook onto any pair of shoes, sneakers or cycling shoes. You can even attach it to your flip flops!

It’s got foam on the clasps so that they don’t ruin your shoes. The there is a interesting adjustable clamp, similar to pair of ski boots. It clamps your shoes so that they don’t fall off.

Then attached to the gadget is a carabiner clip that can clip onto any bag, backpack, or even your luggage.

demonstrating clip


Not all products impress me but this one does because it serves a purpose. I find it difficult to fit everything into my travel bag. In the past, I’ve tied my laces to the bag but this works so much better.

It’s inexpensive at only $14.99 each and I just may pick up one or two more to clip my sneakers instead of putting it the bag with the rest of my gear.

You can pick it up on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Klitch-Footwear-Accessory-Baseball-Basketball/dp/B07YZ88QY9/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=klitch+shoe+clip&qid=1608844673&sr=8-1.