MoxiLife Introduces New Products for Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers & Triathletes

hydraMag and Moxilyte

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MoxiLife, a relatively new hydration company, has introduced two new products – MoxiLyte and a new flavor of HydraMag.


It always surprises me when I taste a product that I actually like. The Phytolyte tasks good and the HydraMag tastes even better with its magnesium flavored with beet sweetener. In all of their hydration supplements, there are no to very few calories per savings. (I don’t know about you but when I go long, I tend to gain weight and I attribute that to hydration companies that add a lot of sugar.)

MoxiLyte Concentrated Powder Drink Mix

This product is specifically for those days when you need electrolytes on your run or ride. It’s a premium synergistic blend of sodium, potassium, calcium, and chelated magnesium to keep you from cramping while working out.

As you know, your body gets depleted after an hour of exercise, so you need to take in those lost nutrients. This product, MoxiLyte replaces all (not a few) electrolytes lost in sweat. It has low sugar, real fruit flavors, and includes a gut enhancing Moxi-prebiotic product.

The product I sampled was the vicious citrus. What I particularly liked was there wasn’t a lot of sugar and it has a light flavor. It was perfect for working out!

The MoxiLyte comes in three flavors – Vicious Citrus, Mad Mango, and Big Berry LemonAid. They retail for $24.99 a packet.


The HydraMag mix has been around for a while now. It uses TRAACS minerals and it’s clinically tested on triathletes showing an increase in biomarker levels in less than three weeks. It reduces cramping, promotes better sleep, and is 5x better absorbed than Magnesium Oxid with no GI issues.

There are three key takeaways, it prevents muscle cramping, it increases nitric oxide production (which improves oxygen to the muscles) and it supports optimum hydration.

The taste of this one is delicious!

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