Marathon Wisdom by Mara Yamauchi Book Review

It’s marathon season! Recently, Cardinal Publishing Group provided me with a copy of Marathon Wisdom – An Elite Athlete’s Insights on Running and Life by Mara Yamauchi.

Marathon Wisdom

The book provides so much insight into marathon running and training. Written by Olympian, Mara Yamauchi, the book has 42.195 insights (the number of kilometers in a marathon). Each one is more thought-provoking than the next!

At the beginning of the book, she talks about the basics and how to train for a marathon by taking a do-it-yourself approach and incorporating long runs, sustained efforts, and aerobic runs for fat burning.

Each chapter has a theme like, “Your Toolbox,” or “Don’t be Dazzled.” Then, Yamauchi has a key takeaway at the end of the chapters. Yamauchi shares the good and bad of what she’s learned along the way. Readers are encouraged to think critically to understand how to improve and set their own goals.

Each chapter is very short and Marathon Wisdom is easy to read. This would make a great holiday gift for anyone training or wanting to train for a marathon.

What did I think?

Marathon Wisdom was a fast read. It gave real insight and takeaways for anyone wanting to complete or to PR a marathon. It was a good book for your toolbox. You can get it on Amazon at