Mesa Trail Shoe Review

Mesa Trail Shoes on a test drive

When I first started running, barefoot running was the craze. Every shoe manufacturer made a natural shoe for running. Then, everything changed and shoe companies started making only cushioned shoes. So, when I found the folks from Xero Shoes at a trade show last year, I was intrigued. They let me try out the HFS – Lightweight Road Running Shoe and I fell in love! 

After that, I asked Xero is I could try out their Mesa Trail Shoe. I just wanted to see for myself how it would feel wearing barefoot type shoes on a trail.

Mesa Trail Shoes on the outdoor fire pit

What are the Mesa Trail Shoes?

The Mesa Trail Shoes are a shoe for someone who likes to run in barefoot shoes. They are breathable and keep you cool throughout your run. There is moisture wicking that also keeps you dry!  

You can wear the shoes with or without the inserts. I like a little cushion, so I left it in. I also wore with socks, but you don’t have to.

The Mesa Trail Shoes have a wide toe box, that lets your toes spread out naturally. The shoe is very flexible and with the non-elevated heel, allows for proper posture. The Mesa Trail has a 5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole, with 3.5mm lugs to give you the right combination of protection and grip, plus ground-feedback so your brain knows how to move your body optimally. 

The shoes are super lightweight, about 6.4 oz. They use vegan-friendly materials and have a 5,000 mile sole warranty! 

Taking them for a Test Drive

The Mesa Trail Shoes are incredible! I wore them on a 3 mile run up and down the Norman Levy Preserve. The preserve is trail like, with lots of wood chips, shells and uneven surfaces. As I was running up the 1.5 mile incline, I found that they were responsive, quick and felt incredibly comfortable. 

I was actually shocked at how comfy they were! I didn’t feel the road as much as I thought I would. 

Full disclosure, I usually break in my shoes. The Mesa Trail Shoes didn’t need breaking in. They were perfect first time out of the box. 

The only thing I thought was that they were the perfect size. I think if I were to buy another pair, I may size up a half size. I like to have room in the toe box so if my feet get swollen, they can expand. 

However, it was hot out and my feet were fine the entire time. Usually after a run, I just want to take off my shoes. I didn’t feel the need to do that. 

I look forward to wearing them another 4996 miles through lots of trails on Long Island! 

P.S. They are super cute looking too

 You can buy a pair for $119.99 here: