Roka’s Women’s Gen II Aero Tri Kit

If you’re looking for an awesome tri kit that will provide performance as well as comfort, then read this blog. ROKA has a new Women’s Gen II Aero Tri Kit that is slick, fast, and cool!

About the Women’s Gen II Aero Tri Kit:

The one-piece women’s short-sleeve tri kit is designed to provide the optimal balance of aerodynamics, race day function, and premium comfort for triathlons of any duration, from sprint to full iron distance. The kit is crafted with multiple premium Italian and proprietary fabrics, the Elite Aero II kits provide a compressive race fit, high shape retention through the race season, and coveted aerodynamics.

At ROKA, the kit was tested on both land and water. It is built for comfort, flexibility, and freedom on the swim. No matter at what portion of the race you are, the kit retains optimal compression.

Full disclosure, ROKA is a sponsor and I did not pay for this product. However, this as in all my other reviews, is an honest review. I would never work with a sponsor if I didn’t love their products.


Specifically, the Roka’s Women’s Gen II Aero Tri Kit has some interesting features including:

  • Front zip breakaway. This is an interesting feature that I have never seen on any of the tri kits I have tried. The top has a breakaway so if you are on the run and want to zip it off, you can. This is different because it almost acts as a two-piece kit but connected in the back.
  • Carbon Core Support Panel
  • Both the legs and the arms have silicon to keep it in place.
  • The kit has two mesh panels in the back to put in gel or hydration on the run or bike.
  • Low profile chamois moves with you and is relatively small for comfort on a longer ride.

Taking the Roka’s Women’s Gen II Aero Tri Kit for a Test Drive:

I bought a large, which I would normally buy a Medium but since Roka’s bathing suits run small, I figured I would purchase a Large and I’m glad I did. It fits snug. It’s one of the most comfortable, if not the most comfortable suit I own.

There is so much I love about this kit. For starters, the silicon around the arms and legs is very comfortable and I found that nothing rode up! I can’t stand when I am racing or even training and the material rides up. This doesn’t do that!

The material on the kit is soft and well-made. There are so many vents to keep you from overheating. The back is lined with vents and the sleeves have tiny vents as well. I really like the way ROKA made the back pockets for gel. You may be able to put a small water bottle in the pouch because it expands.

The Chamois is a perfect size, not too big and not too small, just right!

The most interesting part of the Roka Women’s Gen II Aero Tri Kit is the way the top zips off. I never saw this before. You could actually open up a little or take it off. (It is attached but you can put it on and off easily, unlike some of the other brands.) I also love the high waist. The compression keeps everything in place.

One more note about the kit, it has a sun reflector and is UV protected. Although most dark colors absorb heat, this kit doesn’t because of “holdback,” the UVA and UVB protection textile finish. This reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from the sun.

I absolutely love this kit as do most of the ROKA products. I am particularly impressed with the performance and comfort.

You can pick up a kit at ROKA for $295. The kits are available in short sleeves and no sleeves.