My Favorite Mask for Running and/or Cycling

Zansors' designer masks

Let’s face it, I’ve tried a lot of masks for running and cycling and none of them are perfect or ideal. It seems like every company in the running and triathlon space is onboard making masks. And, as much as I would love to say I think they are the best masks for cycling and running, I can’t honestly say that. However, I recently was contacted by They asked me to just “try it out” their new Micro-Shield Pro mask.

I told the representative that I didn’t think I would like it. “I’ve tried dozens and dozens of masks for running and cycling,” I said. “I will probably not like your masks.”

“I totally understand if you don’t like it but please, just give it a try and let me know what you think,” the representative told me.

So, I tried it. (If you know me you know I have a hard time saying no!)

But, you know what, I actually really like these masks.

They have two kinds of masks and they shared both with me.

Micro-Shield Pro by Zansor

Micro-Shield Pro by Zansor – This comes in a sealed bag. When you open the bag, there is one mask and a set of mask locks inside. You manually put the mask locks on the mask and adjust according to your comfort. What’s interesting is that these masks come in S, M, L, XL, and are judged by your weight. (The more you weigh, the bigger the mask.)

The nose has a metal adjustable nose clip that will secure your nose in place. What I like about these masks is that you can breathe through them. When you breathe in the masks goes in and when you breathe out, it expands. The thing about these masks is that they promote airflow with a trademarked technology that keeps you cool and comfortable.

They use silver ion technology, UV protection, and anti-sweat properties.

Micro-Shield Designer Edition

mask for running You don’t like black? No problem! The Micro-Shield Designer Edition is exactly the same make and quality as Micro-Shield except these masks are fashionable and fun. They have a dozen or so styles. I chose two of my favorites. (They are kind of conservative but if I want to wear them to a business meeting I can. If I want to wear them with my running group, I can also!)

Taking them out for a Run and Ride:

I want to preface this by saying that when I run or ride alone, I don’t wear a mask. I have one with me but I don’t wear it unless I’m in a situation where I can’t socially distance.

That being said, when I run with my running group, I always start out by wearing a mask. I try to wear it during the entire run but oftentimes find myself taking it off to catch a real breath before putting it back on.

These masks aren’t ideal but in this pandemic, we don’t have much of a choice. If we want to be with other people, we need to wear a mask. Therefore, I need to honestly say that these Micro-Shield masks by Zansor are probably the best masks I have worn to date.

I find them breathable and when I sweat, they don’t cling to me. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable. I love the non-wicking material as well.

Would I recommend these masks after I told the representative I didn’t want to try them? YES, I WOULD. You can get them on or you can follow them on social at @ZShieldMask.