Need Some Junk? I know I do…

I met the folks from at The Running Event in Austin. They had a whole wall display of some very cool headbands. They gave me one to check out and you know what? I loved it. Most headbands fall off my head, especially when I’m running. Or, they give me a headache. Not Junk.

The Package

I got a package in the mail. It said, “Your Junk Has Arrived.” I rolled my eyes. Really? But then I smiled when I saw what was in the package. There were four different headbands and to be honest, I couldn’t figure out which one I loved more.

I Put It On…

The headbands are lightweight, sweat-wicking, machine washable and good for any gender! I picked out feminine ones but there are plenty of Junk headbands with sports teams and other neutral looks. Plus, they don’t slip when you run… Did I say that already???

Check These Out…

Once I took it out of the package, I didn’t want to put it back. It was that comfortable! Here are the three others I received:

I love the colors on this one! It’s gorgeous and so versatile!
I just love this headband! It says “Love” throughout.
This headband is for looking “badass!”

These Junk headbands are so cool. They are great for running, working out or just about any time you want to take your hair off your face. I enjoyed wearing them and I think you will too. Here’s the website for more info: or you can follow them on Instagram.